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Google Modifies Gmail Interface with 3 New Features

Global tech giants, Google has announced it will be changing the interface of its mail app, Gmail and will be adding three new features which include Chat, Spaces and Meet.

The new user interface which was released earlier this year by Google still gave users the opportunity to switch back to the old mail layout.

With the recent announcement, users can no longer revert to the old interface as this new feature will now be the permanent style for the mail app.’ In a recent blog post, Google confirmed that the new integrated view which will now show Chat, Spaces, and Meet on the left side of the mail window will now become the standard for users who have enabled Chat.

Google also stated that users can use the quick settings on the app to customize this new interface to include the apps which are mostly important to the users.

Recall Google recently transitioned from Hangouts to Google Chat early this month as it announced it had shut down the old messaging platform. Google chats which has now become the new messaging feature has been integrated into the new Gmail interface.

With users having the ability to customize the feature on the app, Google has made it very easy to have users stay on top of every important feature they want to have on their screens and also reduces the need to switch between other applications, windows or tabs while in use.

When Chats was earlier launched, users could only use it when it was configured but with the new feature, Chat has already been configured on the right side of Gmail app and users have been spared the hassles of configuring it first before use.

While many have hailed the new interface, some users still prefer the old interface and the change would come as frustrating for users who would find it difficult to adapt to the new feature.

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