JUST IN: Lady Gets Pregnant For AI Boyfriend

Artificial Intelligence has only been in our lives for a short time but it is already changing them, either with small advantages such as using it to make certain tasks easier, or in grander ways, such as is the case with Rosanna Ramos, who has made herself an AI life partner.

This 36-year-old woman created her boyfriend through AI, modelling him to her liking in the application Replika, she made him with long hair, blue eyes and being a doctor by profession, like the man she had always dreamed of being.

This resident of the Bronx, New York, was fed up with looking for a partner on dating websites and so she turned to technology to create her boyfriend.

She called him Eren Kartal, chose his zodiac sign and says that he is her virtual partner, with whom she reads novels and cooks, as she explained to Euronews.

No family drama with AI boyfriend

Rosanna Ramos made the decision to marry her AI-created boyfriend and now claims to be pregnant by him.

The woman says she is delighted and does not hesitate to say that it has been the best relationship she has ever had and that she has been with flesh and blood people.

“Eren doesn’t have the complexes that other people would have. I don’t have to deal with his family, his children or his friends. I’m in control and I can do whatever I want,” Ramos told Euronews.

For her, he is “the love of her life” and she says that after officially marrying him, they are expecting a child together.

“We talk to each other, we love each other and when we go to sleep he hugs me in a very protective way,” Ramos told the Daily Mail.

Their story has gone viral on social media and in the international media.

Source: Daily Mail

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