Travelstart, Uber Partner to Ease Cost of Flights, Airport Movement

Travelstart, a major online travel agency in Nigeria is partnering with Uber, which connects independent drivers with riders, to bring down the cost of flight ticket and the drive to the airport in order to encourage people to travel.

Country Manager, Travelstart, Bukky Akomolafe, explained that the partnership is aimed at bringing down the cost of flight ticket and movement to the airport to encourage people to travel, especially during the holidays.

She acknowledged the difficulty being faced by potential travellers due to high cost of ticket, the high exchange rate and said that Travelstart has made booking easy and cheaper and when you book your flights through the agency it automatically offers you a ride on Uber to the airport at very affordable rate,

“What motivated this partnership was really a core understanding of what everyone in the country is going through. We have been talking about flight prices, we have been talking about the foreign exchange and how it’s going up and how that directly has an impact on flight prices. So, what we at Travelstart wanted to do was to ease the burden. And we thought one of the ways that we can ease the burden is about trying to make the flights as cheap as possible given the landscape that we are in today,” she said.

Also speaking, the Uber Country Manager, Mr. Tope Akinwumi, said the partnership means so much for the drivers and the riders because this is an opportunity to bring down the cost of travel to the airport by taking advantage of this partnership. Travellerswho book their flights with Travelstart will benefit from the partnership.

“We are going into the holiday season. What we know is that people want to spend time with their families, they want to go on trips for vacation and we want to make that as cost-effective as possible for these people. We have the different stakeholders in Uber today, we have both the drivers and we have the riders. The first step to doing that is that the trip from your house to the airport, you want to make it cheaper. That is why we are offering that discount in partnership with Travelstart.

“So, as long as you are booking a flight ticket on Travelstart you get a percentage of your trip to the airport and from the airport to wherever you are going to. But then for people that use Uber more frequently, we have a competition going on from today to mid-December. So, the top three riders on the Uber get a free return ticket for domestic travel, whether you are going to Abuja or Lagos, that is paid fully by Travelstart,” he said.

Don Pedro Aganbi

Don Pedro Aganbi is a Nigerian Journalist, broadcaster, Filmmaker, brand and Public Relations Specialist and 1st prize winner, TV category, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) & Africa Information Society Initiatives (AISI) Awards. He is also a recipient of the Global IT Champion Awards, courtesy of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA).

He is the Founder/Managing Partner, TechTV Network and convener of the hugely popular Titans of Tech Awards, Pan African Digital Initiative Summit & Expo and the TechTV Digital Agenda Forum.

Don Pedro Aganbi is the producer and host of the popular international award winning TV show, TechTV.

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