3 Mistakes to Avoid When Paying With Your ATM Card

Card payments are becoming more and more popular because speed ​​and convenience are in their favour. There is no need to carry a stack of banknotes and coins with you or calculate the amount at the cash register.

On the other hand, this modern solution also has disadvantages and carries certain risks especially if we make these common mistakes. Ignorance can have unpleasant consequences.

Time is money, so we appreciate all solutions that allow us to gain a little more of it. Unfortunately, sometimes this rush can get you into trouble.

An example is card payment. Most people do it almost automatically. They simply take out the plastic, place it on the reader, enter their PIN and leave with their purchases.

What’s wrong with that?

1. Always do a final check of the bill

The first thing we should pay attention to is the amount displayed on the terminal. Not everyone checks whether it matches the total of our purchases. Such a mistake can cost us a lot.

2. Always protect your PIN
The second mistake is entering the PIN carelessly. Let’s always make sure no one is looking over our shoulder. It’s really better to spend this minute longer in the store, but have the guarantee that our code has not been noticed by an outsider.

3. Always collect your receipt
Another thing is refusing to acknowledge. When the cashier asks whether to print them, most people answer without hesitation that they don’t have to. They don’t need another piece of paper, and besides, they have the receipt. Few people realise that in some situations having confirmation turns out to be very useful.

In most cases, confirming card payments is unnecessary. However, there are situations when it is worth having them. Always take them if there are any problems during the transaction. This includes, for example, transaction cancellation, rejection, connection problems, power outage or other unidentified error.

In such cases, money may be debited from your account by mistake several times. That’s why it’s worth having confirmation. This will make it easier to recover our funds.




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