Apple Appoints TD Africa First Distributor For Nigeria

iPhone maker, Apple Inc. has chosen TD Africa as its first authorized local distributor in Nigeria for its products.

The historic move will see TD Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest distributor of technology, services, and lifestyle products, add Apple to an impressive list of internationally renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) on its portfolio. The move is seen as a sign of faith in Nigeria and is consistent with Apple’s focus on Inclusion & Diversity.

Apple is confident that TD Africa’s status as an authorized distributor of its products in Nigeria, which includes the iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPod, and its most well-known product, the iPhone, will significantly improve distribution, availability, market supply, and after-sales support for the gadgets while also lowering the prevalence of grey goods or subpar versions.

Apple chose TD Africa as the nation’s first native distributor because of its ethical reputation, highly qualified workforce, and position as the largest credit provider to resellers in the Nigerian market

The Executive team was led by David Chisolm, Regional Director, Middle East & Africa, Apple Inc., and accompanied by the erudite, Nigerian-born female tech whizkid, Teju Ajani, Country Manager, Nigeria, Apple Inc.

Gozy Ijogun, Managing Director (Sales), TD Africa, also commented on the agreement and said that it will surely bring about significant benefits for the use of real Apple products in Nigeria.

She reaffirmed TD Africa’s long-held position as the largest provider of cutting-edge technology, services, and solutions in the region, its two decades of track record of expertise, and its unmatched reach across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria and beyond while restating the company’s mission of making products and services accessible, affordable, and usable across Africa by building an effective distribution network.

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The Apple Inc. team expressed excitement at working with TD Africa as the first locally based, authorized distributor of Apple products in Nigeria, noting that the company has long proven to be a top distribution brand. The partnership will also help to advance the two main pillars of the work culture that Apple is known for and that drive its innovation: inclusion and diversity.



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