itel’s Latest A60 is the Most Affordable 4G Smartphone – Report

If you haven’t gotten, or begun making plans to get, itel’s latest smartphone, the itel A60 4G, then you are sleeping on an excellent package! In fact, I dare say the legendary D’banj had you in mind when he said, “you are on a long thing!”

For just 45,900 (forty-five thousand, nine hundred) naira, you can own the itel A60 smartphones! Shocked? Well, allow me to remind you that besides being a trailblazer in the world of smartphone, accessories and electronics, itel is renowned for delivering quality at affordable prices and this is no exception!

In 2022, itel grew to be the 15th Africa’s most-admired brand! Not only has the firm established itself as a trustworthy brand, but it also ranked Global Number One for 2022Q2 for SMARTPHONE BRAND UNDER $100 and FEATURE PHONE BRAND.

It achieved this feat by delivering a lineup of top shelf products while working with its over 300 partners across the globe including foremost service providers, Airtel.

For many entry level devices, there is always a compromise to be made: quality or affordability. While this is fast becoming the norm, itel has broken that barrier by releasing the itel A60- a smartphone that erases the lines between quality and affordability.

Not only does it improve on existing models, the itel A60 wields conspicuous competitive edges over its peers of the same price range.

During its official launch, itel’s Marketing Manager for West Africa, Oke Umurhohwo described the itel A60 as “a product with a touch of class and a highly efficient device designed to make user experience even better at no huge cost.”

This is true and I can testify to the veracity of that claim. So, the question I put to you is: why pick either quality or affordability when you can have both with the itel A60?

itel A60: 4G for Everyone

While it is true that 4G is everywhere, it is still not readily accessible to everyone because most devices with the technology come with a heavy price tag.

As a result of this, many smartphone users have chosen to put up with tacky internet connection rather than break the bank to get a better device. I know you crave a smoother, stronger and more stable internet experience and that’s why I am telling you unequivocally that the itel A60 is your best bet; your go-to 4G smartphone.

Again, don’t fret! The itel A60 is a pocket-friendly entry level device that will not bore a hole in your pocket, wallet or bank account! You may be wondering how you can afford such an awesome device with its promising features but itel’s got you covered for just N45,000.

itel A60: A Class of its Own

For years, itel has always been a trailblazer in the smartphone industry so it is little wonder that the A60 stands heads and shoulders above other devices in the same range.

Its 5000mAh battery, 6.6″ large screen size (WaterDrop FullScreen) and 32GB ROM large capacity, expandable up to 128GB and 2GB of RAM qualify the itel A60 as peerless and unrivalled.

Add that to the 8MP+QVGA Rear facing camera with flashlight accompanied by a 5MP front facing camera with the Fingerprint and Facial Recognition features and you know you’ve gotten the deal of the year.

Ready to enjoy ease and peace while using a mobile device? Get the itel A60 now! No other device comes close!


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