Senegal, Nigeria, Egypt Top 8 Most Cyber Secure Countries in Africa

Recent research has shown that 68% of high-revenue growth companies have embraced a hybrid model worldwide. With businesses enjoying remote or hybrid working, benefits including reduced maintenance costs, improved flexibility and extended talent pool, cyber security awareness has become more critical than ever.

With this in mind, Indusface is intrigued to find out the most secure countries for businesses to allow their employees to work from, by creating an index score based on cybersecurity data including DDOS attacks, phishing sites, Malware hosting sites and compromised computers. Venky Sundar, Founder and President of Indusface also provided six tips for small businesses on ensuring cyber security

Key Findings: 

  • Senegal is named the most cyber-secure African country for businesses to allow their employees to work from, with a cyber security index score of 78.09 out of 100.
  • Nigeria ranks second with an index score of 74.68 and the lowest number of compromised computers per 100,000 internet users in all African countries reviewed.
  • The most cyber-secure countries in the world are Honduras, South Korea, and Japan.
  • Venky Sundar, Founder and President of Indusface provides 6 top tips for cyber security when working remotely.

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