Zinox Set To Invest $250 Million On Renewable Energy

Zinox Technologies Limited, one of Africa’s leading integrated technology group, has unveiled a plan to invest over $250,000,000 after years of research, test running of durable and cost efficient multifaceted renewable energy solutions for Africa particularly Nigeria, with leading renewable energy companies in China, UK, South Africa and Dubai as partners.

For 23 years, Zinox has pioneered innovative technologies and boasts of an enviable track record of efficient delivery of critical tech solutions in Nigeria and various African countries. The iPOWER  – Solar, Inverters and Batteries, a brand of global partnership, is now available in Nigeria with up to 25 years’ warranty. Zinox plans to deliver within 24 hours all orders for iPOWER PRODUCTS to major cities in Nigeria subject to stock availability.

Unveiling this at the just concluded annual strategic business retreat, attended by captains of tech and Power industries including the Chairman of Zinox Group, Leo Stan Ekeh, the Managing Director of Zinox Technologies Limited, Mrs Kelechi Eze-Okonta said that Zinox is the tech heartbeat of the continent and has proven that Africa has a level of Technology Independence with high quality tech related projects timely and successfully deployed across Africa.

‘’We have taken our time, with huge investments on research with distinguished global partners, to come to this point. We believe that what is worth doing, is worth doing well. We now have tested products that have warranties of up to 25 years. We also plan to launch our integrated Executive Mobile Energy solution for Professionals, SMES, PaaS for Telcos’ Rural Telephony Infrastructure and students on the 4th of September.’’

In her own words, we have worked with credible domestic partners to deploy renewable solutions in over 25,000 homes, schools and offices in the last seven years.

‘’We are now excited to hit the market with specific cost-efficient energy solutions that are budget friendly both for homes and businesses, no matter your size and scope, but most importantly, we will take responsibility no matter who you buy iPower – Inverters, Solar Panels and Batteries from. We are also starting to train over 500 Nigerian Engineers and certified technicians from 36 states plus Abuja who shall conduct standard power audit, installations and after sales support nationwide to offer our customer full value for money.’’

said Eze-Okonta

Continuing, Mrs Eze-Okonta disclosed that Zinox has quietly been test running different configurations of sustainable renewable energy products from Solar, Wind, and a bit of Biomass, with complimentary quality products such as batteries and Inverters engineered and internationally certified to be country and continent specific.

‘’We want to delete Nigeria as a dump site for all sorts of fake energy products which we really consider as unethical and unacceptable and save the scarce resources available in the country. We take responsibility for iTEC Solar, Inverters and Batteries locally as we are equipped for comprehensive aftersales support.’’

Zinox shall work closely with key stakeholders such as the Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN), and local developers to provide the necessary support to aid the improvement of the acute power supply crisis that threatens economic growth, where over 70 million Nigerians lack access to power, coupled with increasing electricity costs in Nigeria.

Renewable energy can help Nigeria not only meet its energy needs but also power sustainable economic growth and create jobs while achieving global climate and sustainable development objectives.

Contributing in same vein as the Managing Director of Zinox Technologies Limited, the Chairman of the Zinox Group, Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh disclosed that the sum of $250m has been secured specifically to expand access to competitive and climate-friendly electricity supplies for Nigeria Homes and Businesses.

He said that the project will help create new opportunities for improving the quality of life while providing additional support to developers, REAN, and other key stakeholders in the preparation of its priority projects.

Zinox, with her partnerships shall launch enterprise products and solutions that will power off grid solutions, estates, hospitality businesses, while continuing with the consumer products with its very successful iPower products for homes, small and medium organizations, he concluded.

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