Multichoice Nigeria Hikes DStv and GOtv Subscription Fees by 19%

Multichoice Nigeria, the Pay-TV operator, has declared a second price increase for its DStv and GOtv packages this year, with a raise of at least 19%.

The initial increase took effect on May 1, 2023, and this latest increment is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 6.

In May, the increase ranged from 16.3% to 18%, depending on the bouquet, while this time, it’s a 19 to 20% hike across all packages.

The notice to DStv subscribers discloses that the monthly subscription for the DStv Premium package will increase to N29,500, starting from November 6. This reflects a 20% rise from the current N24,500.

Similarly, the Compact+ bouquet will see a 19% increase, with the monthly cost going up to N19,800 from N16,600.

Subscribers on the Compact package will pay N12,500 per month, marking a 19% increase from their current fee of N10,500.

Customers on the Confam package will experience a 19% increase in their monthly fees, which will now be N7,400 instead of the current N6,200.

Viewers who subscribe to the DStv Yanga bouquet will face a 20% increase in their monthly subscription, making it N4,200 compared to the previous N3,500.

Multichoice has announced price increases for its GOtv packages as well. Subscribers to the Supa Plus package will see a 19% rise in their monthly fees, going from N10,500 to N12,500.

For the Supa bouquet, the monthly charge will increase to N7,600 from N6,400.

GOtv Max subscribers will now pay N5,700, up from N4,850, and those on the Jolli package will face a price increase, with the monthly fee rising to N3,950 from N3,300.

Customers on the Jinja package will now be paying N2,700 per month, a change from their previous fee of N2,250.

Multichoice has not released an official statement regarding the recent price increase. Back in May, the company attributed the initial increment to economic challenges.


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