10 African Cities With the Best Healthcare Systems

Quality healthcare isn’t merely a service; it forms the foundation of human capital development. In Africa, a continent contending with various health-related challenges, the importance of robust healthcare systems cannot be overstated.

From infectious diseases to limited access to medical resources, the journey toward comprehensive and accessible healthcare has been challenging. Yet, amidst these challenges, a transformative shift is underway in certain African urban centers, where healthcare progress is on the ascent.

In these cities, state-of-the-art hospitals with modern technology are becoming the norm, ensuring residents have access to high-quality medical services.

Numbeo, a platform that provides up-to-date information about the cost of living, quality of life, and various socio-economic factors across cities and countries worldwide in an updated Health Index report revealed African cities doing well in this regard.

The Health Care Index itself is an estimation that evaluates the overall quality of the healthcare system, including factors such as healthcare professionals, equipment, staff, doctors, and costs. It provides an assessment of the healthcare infrastructure, services, and resources available in a specific location.

Rank City Health care Index
1 Cape Town, South Africa 68.4
2 Pretoria, South Africa 66.3
3 Nairobi, Kenya 62.0
4 Johannesburg, South Africa 60.3
5 Durban, South Africa 58.6
6 Algiers, Algeria 57.0
7 Tunis, Tunisia 57.1
8 Lagos, Nigeria 47.2
9 Cairo, Egypt 45.9
10 Casablanca, Morocco 44.8
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