Meet the 13 African Women Named Among BBC 100 Women in 2023

The BBC has revealed its annual list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2023 recognising remarkable women globally who are influencing the future.

Over a dozen African women emerged as powerful and influential figures on the global stage, earning recognition and admiration for their impactful contributions across various fields. From politics to science, business to activism, these women embody resilience, brilliance, and a commitment to positive change.

The list, presented in no specific order, features 13 remarkable African women who stand out in the BBC 100 Women 2023 lineup:

Mental health advocate

Jennifer Uchendu

Jennifer Uchendu stands as the founder of SustyVibes, a youth-led organization dedicated to making sustainability both actionable and appealing.

In her recent endeavors, Uchendu has been actively involved in delving into the effects of the climate crisis on the mental health of Africans, with a particular emphasis on young individuals.

Founder of Politics4Her

Yasmina Benslimane

Passionate about advancing gender equality, Yasmina Benslimane is the founder of Politics4Her, an organization committed to encouraging the active participation of young women and girls in political and decision-making processes.

Freediving instructor

Zandile Ndhlovu

As South Africa’s first black female freediving instructor, Zandile Ndhlovu wants to make access to the ocean more diverse. She founded The Black Mermaid Foundation, which exposes young people and local communities to the ocean, in the hope of helping new groups to use these spaces recreationally, professionally and in sport.


Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka

The award-winning Ugandan vet and conservationist is the founder and CEO of Conservation Through Public Health. The NGO promotes biodiversity conservation by enabling people, gorillas and other wildlife to co-exist, while improving their health and habitat.


Esi Buobasa