Afigbo Esther, Ayomide David, Triumph at Inaugural Nollywood Mini Marathon

Afigbo Esther (female) and Ayomide David and have emerged as the champions at the inaugural Nollywood Mini Marathon. This event, which is swiftly becoming a cornerstone in Nollywood’s annual calendar, saw enthusiasts of all ages converge at the starting line, eager to showcase their endurance and spirit in the wee hours of Saturday, February 24, 2024.

From invigorating warm-up sessions to lively dance routines, the day was filled with energy and camaraderie, accompanied by the pulsating beats of DJ Enzee.

Organised by The Nollywood Mandate (TNM), a coalition of passionate Nigerians drawn from the media and creative industry and dedicated to fostering economic advancement and the rapid expansion of the creative industry, the Nollywood Mini Marathon exemplified the power of collaboration and collective endeavor.

Participants were not only recognized for their physical prowess but also celebrated for their contribution to the vibrant cultural landscape of Nigeria.

Don Pedro Aganbi, Convener of the high-octane event expressed pride in spearheading initiatives such as the Nollywood Mini Marathon. “We are thrilled to witness the success of the Nollywood Mini Marathon, which not only promotes physical well-being but also contributes to the holistic development of our cherished industry,” remarked Aganbi. “Through forging partnerships with kindred associations, organisations, and agencies, we aspire to play a pivotal role in Nigeria’s ongoing advancement and prosperity.”

Professor Olawale Moronkola, Director-General, National Institute for Sports (NIS), commended the initiative, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between Nollywood and sports in nurturing well-rounded and healthy creatives.

Belmond Benson, Registrar of the National Institute for Sports, who was on hand to receive the winners on behalf of the DG stated that “The collaboration between Nollywood and sports will undoubtedly produce individuals who excel not only in their craft but also in their physical well-being.”

The NIS called for further collaboration between the two sectors as an avenue to boost national productivity and engender healthy development.

The event had in attendance Nollywood Actor, Frances and Film director, Kingsley Omo-efe among others.

While Afigbo Esther was the first female to brace the tape, Onah Grace came in second for silver and Oyebo Omotayo settled for bronze.

Other winners in the male category were Marvellous Orioke with silver and Gani Babatunde, bronze.

The winners also received cash and product reward from the National Institute for Sports, Viju, Firegin, Pocari Sweat and AfrigoldTV.

The 2024 Nollywood Mini Marathon was sponsored by the National Institute for Sports, AfrigoldTV and Hazie Bitters and supported by Viju, Firegin, Pocari Sweat, Souq News and Nigeria Breweries.

The successful conclusion of the Nollywood Mini Marathon stands as a testament to the resilience and dynamism of Nigeria’s creative sphere, instilling hope and optimism for the times ahead.

The Nollywood Mini Marathon was organised in partnership with Actors Guild of Nigeria, Association of Movie Producers, Nollywood FC and Ojez Entertainment.



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