Bolt Nigeria Launches Insurance Discounts For Drivers

Leading ride-hailing platform, Bolt Nigeria is offering drivers on its platform a fuel and insurance discount. This was disclosed in a statement sent to Technext by the ride-hailing company. The fuel discount, according to the company, is part of its newly-introduced Bolt Rewards program.

According to the company, the fuel discount is to help drivers manage the increasing cost of fuel, a prime necessity in the mobility industry. Following a fuel subsidy removal, e-hailing drivers have continued to bemoan the stiff rise in fuel prices, with many stating that the hike is making the business less lucrative.

The company is also offering insurance discounts which it believes would help the drivers to manage any unexpected costs of repairs.

Speaking on the new initiatives, Country Manager, Yahaya Mohammed, said the purpose of the discounts is to guarantee an environment where drivers are continually kept happy.

“At Bolt, we know that happy driver partners mean happy riders. With Bolt Rewards, we aim to recognise and reward the happy driver partners that provide high-quality ride-hailing experiences for riders through rewards and discounts,” he said.

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Yahaya Mohammed, Bolt Nigeria Country Manager

About Bolt Rewards programme
Bolt’s driver rewards programme is an initiative that helps recognise the high-quality ride-hailing experiences that drivers provide on its platform. The programme would offer tiered rewards and in-app discounts to deserving drivers.

There are four tiers of rewards based on points accumulated. The lowest tier is the Bronze tier. This is followed by the Silver, then Gold and finally the Platinum tier which is the highest and therefore attracts the most discounts.

On how it works, drivers are automatically enrolled unto the programme on their apps. They are then expected to accumulate points based on the number of finished rides over the course of one month. The more rides a driver completes, the more points they accumulate, the higher they climb up the tiers and the more discounts they attract.

Bolt Rewards helps recognise and reward driver partners, with incentives and discounts. With the programme, the company says it aims to recognise and reward the driver community through rewards and discounts.

“It’s part of our ongoing investment in continuing to upgrade the Driver app, helping us recognise and reward the driver partner community,” the Country Manager said.

The Rewards programme joins a suite of recent upgrades from Bolt aimed at helping drivers provide high-quality ride-hailing experiences. One of these upgrades is the new Driver Compliments feature which provides drivers with recognition of exceptional service and motivation through positive post-trip rating compliments and comments.

Finally, through upgraded incentives such as compensation for routes with long-pickup legs, we continue to offer more flexible earning opportunities for driver partners, and ensure riders can access our ride-hailing services wherever they are.


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