Cloud Energy Empowers Solar Entrepreneurs to Offer Electricity Solutions to MSMEs

Nigeria’s premiere Solar Energy solution provider, Cloud Energy, has launched the Solar Energy as a Service programme, which aims to empower “Solar entrepreneurs” to offer electricity solutions for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by using Cloud Energy’s Solar Energy Storage System (ESS).
This is coming against the backdrop of societal challenges including inflation and high cost of living in the country.

Speaking to a group of Resellers during a virtual Zoom conference, Mr. Theophilus Nweke, managing director of Cloud Energy, emphasized that the launch of the Energy as a Service Programme underscores Cloud Energy’s unwavering dedication to expanding access to electricity across Nigeria…

Under the programme, the MD explained, that Cloud Energy would boost the entrepreneurial capacities of the Reseller by providing the equipment to produce power for embedded power clusters in markets, in high streets, and other commercial areas. Cloud Energy would also provide logistics, training, and technical support to ensure the sustainability of the Energy as a Service Programme.

The Reseller would find the clusters, mobilize them, distribute the power, and collect the tariff. The original equipment is supplied on lease to the reseller who enjoys three days grace period

One significant concern among citizens today pertains to the necessity for critical Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to remain inactive while awaiting electricity supply from the Distribution Companies (DISCOs), particularly following the removal of fuel subsidies. Furthermore, the escalating cost of diesel has led to many standby generators remaining inactive permanently.

The managing director of Cloud Energy elaborated that Solar Energy as a Service represents a patriotic innovation, ensuring electricity access on a Pay as You Use basis. This program revitalizes idle MSMEs, enhances national productivity, and fosters widespread employment opportunities for Nigerians

Solar Energy as a Service, which will create new opportunities for prudence and accountability within the Energy sector is not limited to Cloud Energy Resellers.

All stakeholders who share the commitment to expanding the boundaries of access to power in Nigeria are free to partner with Cloud Energy to attain the national power aspirations.

During the question-and-answer session, the managing girector assured the Resellers of the immediate take-off of the program while urging them to seize the opportunity to increase their streams of income for the good of the sector.

Cloud Energy was, established in 2015 with the rare attributes of knowledge, youth, and integrity.

The company has developed sustainable solutions in large-scale energy storage, mini-grids and captive power, and solar rooftops for homes.

Backed by credible after-sales support, Cloud Energy has branded the Sunbox series, electrical appliances, fans, television sets, freezers, and fridges that have brought fulfillment to many homes, offices, and MSMEs.

Cloud Energy is a major partner of the Federal Government’s Rural Electrification Agency to learn more about Cloud Energy, visit its website at


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