Top 5 States With The Most Mobile Subscriptions in Nigeria

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has released the latest telecommunications data highlighting Active Voice and Internet, Porting and Tariff for the first quarter of 2024.

According to the report published by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), there was a 3.03% decline in the total number of active voice subscribers in Q1 2024 (219,304,281) from the 226,161,713 reported in Q1 2023.

During the same period in review, the total number of active internet subscribers increased on a year-on-year basis, by 4.33% from 157,551,104 reported in Q1 2023, to 164,368,292 in Q1, 2024.

When the active voice and internet subscribers were further analysed it was revealed that five states recorded the highest number of subscribers during the period in review.

Top 5 states with the most internet, voice subscriptions

Here are the top five states with the highest mobile subscriptions in Q1, 2024:

1. Lagos State
Lagos state maintained the lead with 25.9 million active voice subscriptions and the highest internet subscriptions at 18.8 million.

2. Ogun State

Ogun state followed closely by recording 12.6 million active voice subscriptions and 9.5 million active internet subscriptions at the end of Q1 2024.

3. Kano State
Kano came in third position with 11.9 million active voice subscriptions and 9 million active internet subscriptions in Q1, 2024.

4. Oyo State

Oyo state recorded 11.1 million active voice subscribers during the period and 8.2 million active internet subscribers.

5. Federal Capital Territory
The FCT recorded 10.4 million active voice subscribers and 7.8 million active internet subscribers in Q1, 2024.

Further breakdown also showed some states with the least voice and internet subscriptions during the period.

Bayelsa recorded the least mobile subscription with 1.6 million voice subscriptions and 1.2 million internet subscriptions.

This was followed by Ebonyi at 1.8 million active voice subscriptions and 1.4 million internet subscriptions while Ekiti State recorded 1.9 million active voice subscriptions and 1.5 million internet subscriptions.


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