GIG Logistics gets JET Motor’s electric vehicles

Africa’s fastest-growing e-commerce logistics company, GIG Logistics has taken delivery of four electric vehicles from JET Motor Company.

GIG Logistics Director of Operations Ocholi Etu said the vehicles were his organisation’s first step towards their carbon neutrality campaign.

Etu said: “We are the first Nigerian and, perhaps, African company, in the logistics space to be able to deploy electric vans for operations. We are able to achieve this feat due to our partnership with JET Motor Company, also a futuristic player in the automotive space, with focus on sustainability. We are proud of our carbon neutrality focus and this is our first physical step on the path to becoming a zero carbon logistic company.”

According to him, the global logistics industry is focusing on issues around environmental sustainability, as reports have shown logistics as an industry contributes the largest share of carbon emissions.

“We are a technology-driven company that has embraced electric vehicles (EV) because they are eco-friendly, have zero emissions, zero noise pollution, and lower maintenance costs, among others. Studies have revealed that EVs have 70 per cent lower maintenance costs compared to the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

“This means that in the immediate and long run, our services will become more affordable, and will in turn enable us to render cost-friendly excellent service to our teeming customers, while taking ecommerce in Nigeria and beyond to greater heights,” he said.

Etu urged the government to take a cue from GIG Logistics by investing in sustainable energy infrastructure for the transportation sector.

This, he said, would help to create an ecosystem that will expand opportunities for Nigeria’s businesses.

The transition from ICE to EV must be urgently prioritised, he added.

Jet Motor Company Head of Strategy Wemimo Joseph said his company was proud to be a disruptor in Africa’s transportation sector.

Joseph said: “JET is so proud to be delivering these EVs to GIG Logistics. We consider them a worthy partner in logistics mobility innovation. We strongly believe that with their track record in the industry, they will best represent this much needed shift towards the future. As an indigenous vehicle assembly company that is future-oriented, sustainability is at the core of our operational strategy.

“At JET, we believe the future of automobile is electric, and not internal combustion engine. To this end, we have committed resources to a future-forward strategy that includes building an ecosystem that will help with the production and deployment of electric vehicles (EVs).

“Although we started by assembling internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, our objective from the beginning was to transition to electric vehicles and other sustainable alternatives.”



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