NCC Grants Mufab 5 Months Extension on 5G Rollout

Mafab Communications one of the telecom operators that won the 5G spectrum licenses said it has been issued a five-month extension for its rollout by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

MTN and Mafab, in December 2021, won the 3.5GHz Spectrum band for the 5G license and NCC gave both operators up till August 24 to rollout 5G technology services across the country.

TechEconomy understands that Mafab only has frequency licence and does not have operational licence and it needs to apply for a telecom operational licence to enable it roll out 5G services

But in a recent statement, Mafab said it has been issued a five-month extension following the delays in receiving its unified operational license (USAL) and numbering plan, which did not happen until the end of July.

“We are fully committed to bringing the benefits of 5G services to Nigerians and deploying a network that will drive economic development with increased broadband capabilities nationwide,” Musbahu Bashir, chairman, Mafab Communications Limited, was quoted as saying.

“I have no doubt that the service will help deliver improvements in the fields of education, business, smart cities, and entertainment.

“The goal remains to launch before the 5-month extension period, and we will be sharing more information in the near future.”


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