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Ugandan Fintech Hipipo Ranked Among the World’s Top 20 Companies Escalating Innovation

Hipipo is the only African company on the American Magazine’s list.

HiPipo was recognised for championing digital innovation and financial inclusion in Africa under their Include Everyone program.

Hipipo, a Ugandan fintech firm, has been among the world’s Top 20 companies escalating innovation in the digital financial services market by the Global Business Leaders Magazine. According to The Observer, Hipipo is the only African company to make the American Magazine’s list, and the firm was recognised for championing digital innovation and financial inclusion across Africa under its Include Everyone program.

“With a keen interest in women empowerment, HiPipo’s events help reduce the barriers perpetuating the gender gap by providing women with technical and business skills in digital financial services. It enables sustainable and inclusive growth and drives financial inclusion by advocating for reducing widespread interoperability issues leading to the exclusion of poor and vulnerable groups in the financial system,” the Magazine said.

Commenting on the news, HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya noted that the recognition is a testament to HiPipo’s 18-year journey of championing inclusion for everyone.

“It is always refreshing to see our work appreciated by reputable organisations such as the Global Business Leaders Magazine. These are indeed fruits of a dedicated team determined to change people’s lives, especially those found at the bottom of the pyramid,” Kawooya said.

Founded in 2005, HiPipo spearheads financial inclusion advocacy in Africa under the Include Everyone Program. The company is known for organising all-inclusive initiatives such as; 40 Days 40 FinTechs, the FinTech Landscape Exhibition, Women In FinTech Hackathon, Women In FinTech Summit, HiPipo Music Awards, Digital Impact Awards Africa and the Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit with generous support from the Gates Foundation and other partners.

Other companies that made the Global Business Leaders Magazine’s list include Naborforce, Helpware, Proximity Space, Gulf Data Hub, SMT Energy, and Motus Inc., among others. The rankings were based on companies at the forefront of digital innovations across the world, with special emphasis on inclusion.

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