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YouTube creators can now collaborate on live streams with latest feature

YouTube, the global online video-sharing platform, is rolling out a new collaboration feature, “Go Live Together,” that allows two users to live stream together. Its mobile-first collaborative feature allows creators with over 50 subscribers to invite another YouTube creator as a guest to join in the live stream.

The feature is currently limited to only the YouTube mobile app. Although, creators can still schedule a co-stream through YouTube desktop. However, both host and guest must connect to the scheduled stream through the app on a mobile device.

The Go Live Together feature was first introduced in November via an official YouTube video for testing. However, in a recent tweet, the feature seems to be broadly available across iOS and Android mobile devices. Although YouTube has plans to explore adding desktop support.

This collaboration feature aims to facilitate more collaboration, allow creators to reach a new audience, and expand channel growth.

Can creators still make money for this live stream?

YouTube has many options for creators to monetize their content and channels on the platform. This new feature, the “Go Live Together” feature, is the platform’s most recent method of monetizing content for creators.

The feature allows creators to make money and expand their audience and channel. The “Go Live Together” feature also allows host creators to profit from code streams through adverts because they own the stream. Additionally, they can make money while streaming from super products like paid stickers, chats, etc.

How does it work?

First, creators can bring on board any other creator that has a channel with no active strikes.

The feature can be accessed by tapping the create + button and the Go Live Together option. As the host, fill in the stream details, including the title, description, monetization settings, thumbnails, and visibility settings.

Once that is done, tap the Done button and share the generated invitation link with your guest creator via email or text. Host creators will receive a prompt message when the guest has accepted the invitation.

After that, both creators can have a preview session to check the audio and video setting quality. When you’re ready, tap Go Live.

As a host creator, you can view the analytics for your live stream within creator Studio, but the guest cannot.

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