WhatsApp Releases Voice Status and other New Features

WhatsApp has announced the introduction of new features to its status to provide users with a better experience. These features include Voice Status, Private Audience Selector, Status Reactions, Status Profile Rings, and Link Previews on Status.

This announcement was made on the WhatsApp blog today. The update has started rolling out to users globally and will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

We’re excited to add a set of new features to status on WhatsApp that make it easier to express yourself and connect with others.

Whatsapp blog

These features, particularly the Voice status, have been in beta testing for a while. The idea for its conception might be because of the high traction of users who use voice messages daily on the platform.

WhatsApp allows individuals to share audio messages in a regular chat, but sharing voice notes as your status is a new idea for the messaging platform. With this new feature, users can now record and share voice messages on their WhatsApp Status for up to 30 seconds

It will be very useful for vocal individuals and those who wish to promote their audio content, music, etc., with their contacts and friends. Just like for regular chat, users can record voice notes by tapping the microphone icon on the status screen.

Private Audience Sector
WhatsApp launches new features for Status update

People oftentimes get inspiration and post different genres of things in one day. Some might not be the right one for all of your contacts, while your contacts will accept others. However, with this feature and its flexibility, users can now update their privacy settings per status.

This gives you the authority to decide who can and should see your status at any given time and who needs to see what content is on your status. This can be done by clicking the privacy setting and selecting the option.

A year after launching the message reaction feature, WhatsApp is launching another reaction feature, this time for Status. This gives users a better and quicker way to respond to status updates from their friends and contacts.

With eight emojis, users can now reply to any status by swiping up and tapping one of the 8 emoji selections. However, this does not mean you cannot reply with text, voice messages, or stickers because these are still available options.

Status Profile Rings for New Updates
WhatsApp launches new features for Status update

Just like how Instagram showcases a ring around a user’s profile when they share a status update, WhatsApp seems to have taken inspiration from other Meta platforms with this feature. Users who post status will now have a ring present around their contact’s profile picture.

With this, it will become nearly impossible to miss a status from a loved one as the profile ring will be visible in the chat lists, group participants list, and contact info.

WhatsApp launches new features for Status update

Before now, whenever you post a link on your WhatsApp status, it doesn’t bring out a preview to show your contacts what the link is about. Those who have to click on it have no idea of what to expect.

However, with this new Status update, users will now get the opportunity to see visual previews of any link uploaded to their contact’s status. These visual previews improve your statuses, giving your contacts a better idea of the link before they click.

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