Nigeria’s Privacy Ombudsman, NCC, NITDA, Industry Leaders Converge for future of Sector at Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers in Lagos

National Commissioner/CEO of the Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB), Dr. Vincent Olatunji, will be joining other regulators including the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), and other industry leaders to stake out the sector’s opportunities and challenges at the Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023.

The Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023 holds February 14, 2023 at the prestigious Providence by (Mantis) in Ikeja GRA, Lagos as a gathering of regulators and operators as the industry recognises its champions and discusses its future in a changing global economy.

Designed to examine the challenges that have emerged to drive Africa’s fastest growing digital economy and honour its iconic actors, Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers including a mix of legacy and new players – “all dynamic and all embodiments of the struggles and triumphs of playing to win a peculiarly tough but rewarding environment,” said Chairman of the Top 50 2023 team, Dr. Shola Afolabi.

On the list for the institutional lights for 2023 are Open Access Data Centres (OADC); FinTrak Software Co. Ltd; Ezzential Global Services Ltd; Crystalfix Nigeria LTD (CNL); Cedarview Communications Limited (CCL); Zora Communication Limited; Information Connectivity Solution Limited (ICSL); Unitellas International Limited; Swift Telephone Network Ltd (STN); HD Technologies; Smart Web Nigeria Limited.

The list also has among others: Skymax Integrated Network Limited; ipNX Nigeria Limited; Infratel Limited; Switch Solutions Limited; Broadbased Communications Ltd; Medallion Data Centres Limited; UNICCON Group of Companies (The UNICCON Group); Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN); Precise Financial Systems Ltd; Tezza Business Solutions; and Data Services Protection Limited (DSPL).

The Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers 2023 is a rallying ground for private sector players to mutually advance the interest of the industry.

“The event is featuring a mix of old, rugged and new, innovative actors helping to remodeled an industry in transition,” added Dr. Sola Afolabi stressing that the event is “a platform for industry Recognition, Industry Stock-Taking & Industry Insights with a view to provide a guide as to what direction Nigeria’s entire spectrum of ICT ecosystem will take as the transition for a new government begins.”

Nigeria’s Top 50 Digital Economy Enablers has its lens on industry’s leaders within the rank of CEOs/Director Generals across corporate Nigeria and great team members of management helping to drive the agenda of their organisations’ at advancing Nigeria’s digital economy agenda.

Powered by the continent’s major tech-biz publication, published since 2007, IT Edge News.Africa ( and its Partners including TechEconomy; ITPulse;; and TechTV (NTA), the Top 50 holds as an industry-sponsored event. “This event is driven by collaboration of stakeholders within and outside the media to ensure a wide, and more inclusive selection of the sector’s leading lights as well as to offer a broader understanding of the challenges and the inspirations that drive it,” said Top 50 team lead, Olusegun Oruame.


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