Top African Countries with the Best Healthcare Systems in 2023

This list is courtesy of Numbeo, a research organization, focused on data that centers around quality of life.

Numbeo uses an elaborate algorithm to arrive at its figures.

Health care is one of the most important aspects of our human society since as far back as modern medicine was invented.

Good health care can help increase the life expectancy of specific regions. For example, regular checkups and screenings can help identify health problems early, when they are easier to treat.

Health care also helps to protect the community. Vaccines, for example, help to protect individuals from illnesses and prevent them from spreading to others. Other public health measures, such as clean water and sanitation, can help to reduce the spread of illnesses and improve overall public health.

Regions across the world differ in the level of healthcare they provide, Africa included. Depending on where you find yourself, the healthcare system may contrast with what you are used to.

In Africa, this seems to be the case. Different countries on the continent provide different levels of healthcare services, and while Africa has generally struggled to develop its health sector, there are countries that have done exceptionally well in providing good healthcare services. Below are 7 of these countries according to Numbeo, a research organization, focused on data that centers around quality of life.

To come up with the index, Numbeo pulled data from its 36 months old data bank to create a current index that is constantly updated. Only cities with a specific minimum number of donors are included.

By incorporating the most recent index into this historical view, our semiannual index is recalculated twice a year. The health care system’s overall quality, as well as the quality of its staff, doctors, equipment, and other factors, is estimated by the health care index.

The actual formulas used to determine indexes could change. Currently, rather complicated empirical formulas are being applied. These calculations were made using the Java programming language.

Top African countries with the best healthcare systems

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