DStv to Increase Prices of Bouquets from the 1st of April

DStv, a Sub-Saharan African direct broadcast satellite service owned by MultiChoice and based in Randburg, South Africa, has announced a price increase of its subscription, which will take effect on the 1st of April, 2023.

A statement by Multichoice said, “The price adjustment is far lower than the projected CPI for 2023″.

There will be an average increase of 4.3% across its satellite pay-TV portfolio, while its streaming-only packages will remain unchanged. Its premium subscribers will pay R40 more per month, equivalent to an increase of 4.8%. Also, the Access Fee for special channels like DStv Catch Up and PVR will also increase by R5 per month, which equals to a 4.5% increase.

Compact Plus is as well expected to increase by R30 per month (5.5%), Compact by R20 per month (4.7%), Family by R10 per month (3.2%), and Access by R9 (7.5%). DStv EasyView and BoxOffice prices are said to retain their prices this year.

However, the MultiChoice price for its ADD Movies add-on decreased by 20% (R20 per month) during the year and will not be adjusted on the 1st of April.

What to expect from the DsTV’s price increase

DStv announces increased price of bouquets to take effect on 1st April
Price increase to take effect on 1st April

In September 2019, DsTV announced a reduction in its prices across four countries: Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique. However, DStv announced a price reduction in Nigeria, which will become effective in 2 months.

MultiChoice says, “we hold firm that by creating increasingly unique and authentic local content, we will continue to resonate with our customers”.

Here is how the DStv bouquet pricing will change from April this year:

DStv bouquet increases.
Bouquet increase

In an inflationary economy, uneven prices inevitably reduce some customers’ purchasing power. This decline in real income is the biggest cost of inflation, and it can also distort purchasing power over time for recipients and payers of fixed interest rates.

With MultiChoice having over 12.8 million subscribers in Nigeria, the increase may have little or no effect on its Nigerian subscribers because there are alternatives, and the platform has competitors in the broadcast satellite services.

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