Netflix to Introduce Gaming Services to Television Sets

The streaming giant Netflix Inc is taking steps to incorporate its video-game service into television sets. The service is available on smartphones and tablets, but code hidden within Netflix’s app includes references to TV games, Bloomberg reports.

The move is one of the company’s plans to expand its ambitions. Last year, its gaming chief disclosed that it was “seriously exploring” its cloud gaming service and currently, its mobile games are available on the App Store. The company’s plans for TV gaming are undisclosed, but the code also mentions using phones as video game controllers.

As seen by Steve Moser, an app developer, one line in the code reads, “A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?” This might denote that there could be an option of using smartphones as controllers if Netflix incorporates games into its television app.

All to know about Netflix’s games

The entertainment service company introduced video games into its offerings two years ago. With over 55 games on its program, it plans to launch 40 new games on mobile devices this year in its bid to expand its foothold in the gaming industry. The company also plans to collaborate with several developers in producing more than 70 games for the platform.

Games on its platform are available on Android devices and IOS. The activation only requires the download and installation by users or interested parties. However, this can only be accessed with an active account subscription. If the test is successful, new and returning subscribers may opt to play more games on the platform, as television sets will offer a more convenient view of the gaming experience.

According to the entertainment industry, it affirmed that the TV gaming experience would be intentional, with Protocol reporting it would be “more than just casual games.” It revealed the creation of a new gaming development studio, with a lot of hard work behind closed doors.

Netflix cuts subscription prices in Kenya and Sub-saharan Africa

The company said Tuesday, as part of its earnings release, that fourteen of the new games are being built by Netflix’s own studios, adding that the company was going to launch an additional studio in Southern California soon. The studio will be led by Chacko Sonny, who previously served as executive producer for Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch franchise, according to a Netflix spokesperson.



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