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Nigeria Ranks 9th in Global Female Crypto Qwners – 4.25% of the Female Population

New data reveals Nigeria has the 9th most female crypto owners – at 4.25% of the female population.

The research from Forex Suggest analysed global cryptocurrency owner statistics, the percentage or women in leadership positions at crypto companies and more to reveal what role women are playing in crypto in 2023.

You can view the full research here:

The 10 countries where the highest percentage of women own crypto:

Rank Country Female Crypto Owners Percent of Women Owning Crypto
1 Vietnam 12,165,440 24.40%
2 Philippines 5,492,760 9.64%
3 India 63,020,700 9.18%
4 Venezuela 1,189,000 8.42%
5 South Africa 2,353,920 7.60%
6 Singapore 218,620 7.51%
7 United States 11,517,770 6.88%
8 Brazil 7,124,030 6.63%
9 Nigeria 4,593,250 4.25%
10 Argentina 977,870 4.22%


  1. Vietnam – 24.4% of women own crypto

Vietnam is the country where the highest proportion of women owns crypto, with almost a quarter owning some form of cryptocurrency. The country also has the most equal crypto adoption in the world with crypto owners made up of 53% men and 47% women.

  1. Philippines – 9.64% of women own crypto

The Philippines is the country with the second highest proportion of women owning crypto at 9.64%, reflecting almost 5.5 million female crypto owners.

  1. India – 9.18% of women own crypto

India has the third highest percentage of its female population owning cryptocurrency at 9.18%. This represents more than 60 million women who own a form of cryptocurrency.

Further findings:

  • There is a huge disparity between the number of male and female CEOs in the crypto and blockchain space, with 94% of CEOs in our study being male and just 6% female.
  • Chainalysis has the highest proportion of women in leadership positions at 46.15%, representing 6 out of 13 leadership staff.

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