How Fleeing Binance Executive Was Arrested in Kenya

Nadeem Anjarwalla, a Binance executive who fled from custody in Nigeria, has been apprehended by the Kenya Police Service and is expected to be extradited to Nigeria within a week by the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL).

His arrest in Kenya occurred on Sunday night, according to PUNCH. This comes after he was reportedly discovered there a few days ago, following investigations by the authorities involved.

Furthermore, the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), INTERPOL, and both the Nigerian and Kenyan police forces have been in extensive talks to expedite Anjarwalla’s extradition.

The executive’s arrest is also reported to have occurred following the approval of an extradition request by INTERPOL, Nigeria, and the EFCC.

In February 2024, the Nigerian government detained Nadeem Anjarwalla and his colleague, Tigran Gambaryan. Anjarwalla escaped custody the following month, leaving Gambaryan remanded in Abuja’s Kuje Correctional Centre, Nigeria.

Furthermore, it was determined that Anjarwalla left the nation even though the British passport he used to enter Nigeria had been confiscated. The Office of the National Security Adviser had reportedly mentioned in a report that Anjarwalla “fled Nigeria using a smuggled Kenyan passport.”

Moreover, Binance and the two executives were charged with tax evasion, currency speculation, and money laundering of up to $35.4 million by the EFCC. While Gambaryan pleaded not guilty in court and applied for bail, Anjarwalla who fled custody has just been found and arrested in Kenya. Upon his arrival in Kenya, he was said to have gone into hiding.

In March, the EFCC Chairman, Ola Olukoyede, confirmed robust international cooperation in the case.

“Involved in partnership with the EFCC to nick Anjarwalla in flight are the International Criminal Police Organisation, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, the governments of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, and Kenya as the clock winds down to his arraignment in absentia alongside the company and Gambaryan,” Olukoyede added.

Meanwhile, following Gambaryan’s recent court appearance, his bail request was halted, and the hearing was postponed. The EFCC allegedly considers him a flight risk because his co-detained executive, Anjarwalla, who has since been apprehended and arrested, escaped custody. However, the adjournment was scheduled for bail on April 22, 2024.


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