Nigerian Workers Rank 7th Most Stressed Employees in Sub-Saharan Africa

A new global workplace report has ranked Nigerian workers in seventh place in the list of countries with the most stressed workers in Sub-Saharan Africa.
According to the 2023 Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace Report, obtained from a survey of employees worldwide, workers across the globe still experienced some high level of stress which peaked during the COVID period.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, several indexes were used for the report which include employee engagement, daily anger and daily stress.

Employee engagement is a critical factor in any company’s success and describes the level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels towards their job.

Nigeria was ranked in 22nd position with 14% of the respondents reporting being engaged at work. At the top of this chat were Mali, Senegal and the Republic of Congo.

Although Gallup’s survey did not request for specifics as regarding the cause of stress, the survey noted that work itself can be a source of stress, while other external factors, like inflation or family health issues, can also be sources of daily stress.

Globally, East Asia, which includes China, tied the U.S. and Canada for the region with the highest levels of stress.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 70% of the respondents declared an intent to quit their current job, 46% reported stress and 60% were not engaged.

Nigeria, alongside Senegal, was ranked as the country with the seventh most stressed workers as 50% of the sampled employees declared they were stressed at work.

At the top three spots were Chad, Uganda and Tanzania with 58%, 57% and 56% respectively.

Globally, about 21% of respondents revealed daily anger while in the work place. Latin America and the Caribbean recorded the lowest rate of daily anger in the work place while South Asia recorded the highest level of daily anger.

Sub-Saharan Africa came in third place on the regional scale for daily stress and daily anger.

Nigeria came in 14th place in Sub-Saharan Africa with 23% of the respondents saying they felt daily anger in the work place. Leading the ranks in Sub-Saharan Africa were Chad, Togo and Uganda.

Amid the calls by Nigerian workers on the need to implement the proposed minimum wage increment, the global workplace report further called on world leaders to focus more on addressing the wellbeing concerns and improving engagement of employees.


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