ChamsSwitch Certified for UnionPay Card issuing, Processing to Drive Financial Digitalisation

ChamsSwitch is now certified by UnionPay International to expand it’s issuing, processing and acquiring solutions to a wider cardholder base.

“ChamsSwitch is excited on this new partnership,” Yinka Aboyade (COO ChamsSwitch) expressed, “ChamsSwitch’s full certification with UnionPay International is an opportunity to further drive the financial technology space in Nigeria on the back of significant latent opportunities within the African continent.

“We were particularly impressed by the energy, dedication, expertise and speed at which ChamsSwitch operated in order to achieve this certification,” said Asad Burney, Head of UnionPay International Africa. “Considering the booming trend of trade between Africa and Asia, the collaboration will continue to leverage on UnionPay’s innovative products offerings, the global network and the international payment standards to complement the advantages of local institutions such as ChamsSwitch in the electronic payment space”, he added.

ChamsSwitch Limited is a leading Fintech company in Nigeria, that provides multichannel electronic payments solutions and a robust e-payment platform that is capable of integrating with any financial system. Currently, ChamsSwitch allows customers to pay using its Kardit and Pelpay suite of solutions. The company is committed to being the leading provider of an innovative e-payment solution that improves the quality of life in Nigeria and across the world.

With over 180 million UnionPay cards issued in 75 countries and regions outside mainland China, UnionPay has expanded its global acceptance network in recent years. At present, UnionPay cards are widely accepted in Africa across all sectors, effectively meeting the diverse purchasing needs of UnionPay cardholders visiting and living on the continent.

UnionPay cards are issued in 13 African countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Eswatini, Seychelles, Madagascar and Mauritius. The Nilson Report (Issue 1154) shows that UnionPay ranks first among all card schemes in card issuance and transaction volume worldwide. UnionPay International has launched various innovative payment products in Africa in response to the worldwide digital transformation and financial inclusion.


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