Zoom Introduces New Modifications to Ease Communication

According to Douglas Kawagama, managing partner at Edgeline Solutions Limited, a Ugandan audio and visual company and also official Zoom partner in Uganda, the American video company’s latest technologies include Zoom phone and Zoom contact centre, the platform’s chat option.

We launched the Zoom phone and Zoom contact centre. Zoom phone is a cloud-based technology similar to Zoom meetings. Zoom Contact Centre is another innovative cloud-based product. These technologies are already being used in other parts of the world, including North America and Europe,” he explained.

He added: “If one has a Zoom licence and a smart phone, one can get these technologies, which are easily accessible. Both technologies will improve workplace communications by lowering communication expenses, which means they are less expensive compared to the existing options. We used to have closed user groups where organisations paid sh25,000 per member, but now you can get video communications services for as little as sh5,000 with these new technologies.”

According to Channel Norval, a distributor with First Distribution, a distribution company in charge of Zoom’s distribution, the new technologies will boost job productivity because of how user-friendly and instant they are to the user.

Sometimes you have to wait for hours for someone to respond after you have communicated with them. This will not be the case with Zoom’s new technologies. The technologies enable instant communication, making them convenient and simple to use,” she explained.

Because of their efficiency, the new technologies, according to Francis Ungera, a distributor with First Distribution, will be a game changer in the communications sector.

The new technologies were designed for small and medium enterprises, start-ups, and other bigger businesses. They allow people to connect and hold meetings at work using their phones, and they can even use the chat option if the internet quality is poor.

Don Pedro Aganbi https://www.techtvnetwork.ng

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