Anambra Implements Zero Right of Way for Broadband to Drive Digital Adoption

Professor Charles Soludo’s Government of Anambra State has started the implementation of zero charges on Right-of-Way per linear meter.

By implication, Anambra prides itself as the first State in South-East Nigeria to implement the waiver of the per linear meter Right of Way (RoW) charges as opposed to the N145 per linear metre recommended by the National Economic Council in 2020.

In a chat with ICT Journalists in Lagos, Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata “CFA”, the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Anambra State ICT Agency, said the move is in line with the ‘Everything Technology and Technology Everywhere’ vision of the Governor.

According to him, the ICT Agency working on partnership with GICL, has deployed about 200 kilometers of fibre optic cables under the first phase of Anambra State Broadband Initiative, targeted at Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the Government (MDAs), schools and other clusters.

Mr. Agbata said that Mr Governor, Prof. Charles Soludo, has demonstrated huge interests in deploying modern strategies to eliminate bottlenecks to digital access, by reversing infrastructure decline in the State.

He said this will boost WiFi Hotspot rollout to Government offices, schools and communities to diversify the economy, leveraging digital services for eGovernment, commerce, education and innovation.

The ICT Agency boss added that the implementation of the Right of Way charges removal by the State Government is the first step to a digital economy that will encourage key investors, innovators, and businesses to the state.

His Excellency, Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo has always demonstrated determination to turn Anambra State into digitally driven economy. The broadband drive is the one of the many ways to do it and at the same time it connects to other plans. Yes, because without connectivity eGovernment programme would become a mirage”.

Africa’s digital landscape is changing at a rapid rate and Anambra State is no different. The Governor approved for the implementation of the zero charges on Right of Way because he understands the benefits are enormous. We are partnering with GICL that is giving us a lot of connectivity capacity that we are hopeful will leapfrog the State’s digital economy agenda. 

This will power the Governor’s lodge and by extension, a local government and a university, as pilot”.  

Mr. Agbata also said the Agency has continued to standardize the State Government’s Digital Assets by moving all Government websites to

On this, he said “The Agency has initiated a Statewide migration of all Government assets to the Internet domain name

Prior to the Soludo administration, Government digital assets were scattered all over the Internet, with different domain names and on different servers. 

Today, most MDAs have been brought under the standard domain in line with Federal Government policies”, amongst other achievements.


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