Parallex Bank Assures Customers of Technology-driven, Premium Services

Mr. Femi Bakre, the Managing Director of Parallex Bank, has assured customers of continued technology-driven, premium value-adding services that will exceed their expectations.

The Managing Director made this known at the opening of the bank’s Lekki, Lagos branch.

He commended the board, management, and staff of the bank for their steadfastness and commitment to ensuring a sustainable profitable institution and its positive reception by the public in less than two years of operation.

He stated that the bank is rapidly becoming the preferred bank in the industry due to the efficiency, convenience  and reliability of its digital platforms, a result of the substantial investments made in digital technology.

Reiterating the bank’s commitment to providing solutions to its customers, the chief executive added that this achievement undoubtedly enhanced the bank’s reputation among discerning customers.

He pledged that the bank will continue to introduce products and solutions that meet and exceed the needs of all customer segments, including individuals, corporates, and businesses, especially SMEs and commercial entities.

He noted that the bank will continue to develop banking solutions tailored for the tech-savvy, the Gen Zs, millennials and Nigerians in the Diaspora.

Dr. Adeola Phillips, the Chairman of Parallex Bank, in her speech, described the opening of its Lekki branch as a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to serving more customers, reaching more communities, and contributing to the country’s economic growth.

She stated that Parallex Bank will open four new branches in strategic locations, such as Ibadan, Abuja, Warri, and Isolo. She added that the expansion signifies the bank’s unwavering commitment to bringing value-adding banking experiences to its customers.

She expressed her gratitude to shareholders, customers, and stakeholders for their unwavering support and trust in Parallex Bank. She assured the bank’s customers that the Board, management, and staff of Parallex Bank will continue to meet and exceed their expectations.

The event was attended by captains of industry, existing and potential customers, as well as celebrities from Nigeria’s entertainment industry. Members of the bank’s Board and Management also joined in the glamorous celebration of the new branch opening.


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