The Top 10 African Governments With The Highest Tax Revenues

A nation’s economy depends heavily on its government income, which provides the financing necessary for many vital initiatives, infrastructure, and public services.

The general government revenue as a percentage of GDP is one important indicator used to assess a country’s fiscal health.

Expressing government revenue as a percentage of GDP allows for a standardized comparison across different countries and economic conditions. This ratio provides insights into the size and efficiency of the government’s fiscal activities relative to the overall economic activity within the country.

To this effect, the International Monetary Fund has a database covering the government revenues as a product of the percentage of GDP for every country, categorizing each country under one of the 3 financial groups, advanced economies, emerging market and middle-income economies, and low-income developing countries.

Sub-Saharan African countries under low-income developing countries, average a general government revenue of 14.6, while African countries under MENA which includes North African countries average 29.7.

The list below detailing the African countries with the highest general government revenue can be found in the IMF’s Fiscal Monitor Climate Crossroads: Fiscal Policies in a Warming World, report.

With that said, below are the 10 African governments with the highest government revenues.

Rank Country Government revenue (% of GDP)
1. Algeria 33.7
2. Morocco 27.8
3. Mozambique 27.4
4. Chad 27.3
5. South Africa 26.8
6. Congo 26.6
7. Rwanda 22.8
8. Angola 22.2
9. Senegal 21.4
10. Mali 21.3

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