Top 5 Reasons To Attend Digital Agenda Forum 2023

Join us at the highly anticipated Digital Agenda Forum 2023, set to take place at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lekki, Lagos, this Thursday, December 7, 2023. Spearheaded by Don Pedro Aganbi, Managing Consultant at Technology Africa, this exclusive event aims to gather visionaries, thought leaders, and industry experts passionate about leveraging emerging technologies for national development.
Under the theme of “Leveraging Emerging Digital Technologies for National Development…exploring low hanging fruits,” the Digital Agenda Forum is poised to delve into the transformative power of technologies like AI, Blockchain, 5G, IoT, and more. This forum is not just a convergence of minds but an opportunity to set the trajectory for Nigeria’s technological advancement in 2024.
Here are the top 5 reasons why your presence at this groundbreaking event is crucial:
1. Insightful Discussions: Engage with top thought leaders, industry experts, and government agencies on leveraging technologies like AI, Blockchain, 5G, and IoT for national development.
2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with CEOs, presidents of industry associations, and professionals, fostering collaborations and potential partnerships.
3. Strategic Planning: Strategically set the agenda for 2024 by gaining valuable insights into the state of the tech economy and how it can shape the future.
4. Understanding Transformative Innovations: Explore how transformative technologies reshape economies, drive productivity, and create new job opportunities, ensuring you stay ahead in this rapidly evolving landscape.
5. Contribution to National Development: Contribute to discussions on how these technologies can be harnessed for inclusive growth and sustainable development, ensuring Nigeria’s economic future is secured.
Meet leading Tech companies like Unified Payments, Fintrak Software, Hyperspace Technologies, Found Technologies among others.
Attending this forum promises to be an invaluable experience for anyone keen on understanding and influencing the future of technology and national development in Nigeria.

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