Microsoft Leads As The Most Sought-After AI stock in 2024

According to, Microsoft takes the lead in the AI race, attracting almost 40% of investors seeking its AI stock in 2024.

“Microsoft is envisioning high-end profits with growing AI collaborations and personal projects. The tech firm has been actively immersed in the AI wave for over six months. The announcement of significant pricing adjustments for Copilot within Microsoft 365 heralded the AI-driven future of Office documents.

“This resulted in a discernible surge in the company’s stock. Since that pivotal moment, scarcely a week has transpired without Microsoft unveiling fresh AI features or implementing modifications to its software and services. Investors are projecting Microsoft’s takeover of OpenAI with little effort in the recent employee shifts.

“Tech leaders are poised for a promising 2024 as new tech developments capture investors’ interest. Among the tech giants, Microsoft is anticipated to secure 44% of investors’ backing, with Amazon following closely at 24%, slightly exceeding half of Microsoft’s expected support rate.”

The full story and statistics can be found here: Microsoft Leads as the Most Sought-after AI Stock in 2024, Drawing Interest from 39% of Big Tech Investors


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