Dr. Maida Vows To Drive Nigerian Telecom Industry Growth Through Data and Strict Compliance

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), Dr Aminu Maida, says the commission will foster the growth of the telecommunication industry through data, collaboration and compliance.

Aminu while speaking during a special engagement with journalists on Thursday, January 18, 2024, in Lagos highlighted the commission’s vision and strategy for the telecoms industry. He said the NCC will collaborate with key stakeholders comprising the government, the media, consumers and the telecom service providers.

As the regulator of the telecoms industry, the NCC boss said the commission would be more data-centric to make well-informed decisions about its operations.
“We are going to be driven by the collection of data from our stakeholders and also using that to project the work we’re doing, so we can have a high level of transparency and accountability,” the NCC boss said.

Furthermore, Aminu submitted that the NCC would ensure telecom operators in the country comply with the commission’s regulations and meet agreements.
“Compliance is also another driver. As a regulator, as empowered by the NCA Acts and regulations we put in place. We have the power to hold our licensees to their obligations.

“So over the past couple of years, I think the industry has been in what I would say development phase, but it’s time we push ourselves into a maturity phase whereby we will be driving compliance. Compliance would be something you’re going to be seeing that we drive very strongly.
“Whenever our licensees have an obligation to meet, we will be expecting them to meet those obligations. If they have agreements between themselves, we’ll be expecting them to meet those agreements,” he said.

Speaking on stakeholders, Aminu said the commission would focus on government, telecom consumers and the industry as its major stakeholders, adding that the commission would prioritise the needs of the stakeholders group.

He promised that the NCC would empower consumers to make the right choice and work with licensees to create transparency around tariffs.

Don Pedro Aganbi https://www.techtvnetwork.ng

Don Pedro Aganbi is a Nigerian Journalist, broadcaster, Filmmaker, brand and Public Relations Specialist and 1st prize winner, TV category, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) & Africa Information Society Initiatives (AISI) Awards. He is also a recipient of the Global IT Champion Awards, courtesy of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA).

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