Konga Travels and Tours Secures Major Insurance Partnership with Coronation

In an effort to offer comprehensive travel insurance packages to Nigerians, Konga Travel and Tours, the leading travel service provider in Nigeria, has announced a strategic partnership with Coronation Insurance Plc, Africa’s top-tier insurance company. This collaboration aims to enhance the travel experience for Nigerians by providing seamless access to comprehensive travel insurance.

This partnership positions Konga Travels’ as a major reseller of Coronation’s travel insurance packages. This distinction grants Konga Travels’ customers exclusive access to a range of insurance options tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern travellers.

With an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled services, Konga Travels’ ensures that travellers have peace of mind, knowing a trusted and reputable insurance provider covers them.

Konga Travels’ customers can now conveniently purchase their travel insurance directly through any of its various channels, including phone calls, WhatsApp platforms, and emails. This strategic move aims to eliminate the hassles associated with insurance procurement and allows customers to select the communication channel that best fits their preferences.

“We are thrilled to partner with Coronation Insurance to offer our customers convenient and reliable travel insurance solutions,” stated Okezie Akaniro, Senior Vice President at Konga “As a trusted name in the travel industry, we recognize the need for innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of today’s travelers.

“So, with this collaboration, we can fulfill our promise to provide a one-stop shop for all travel-related needs, which ensures our customers embark on their journeys with complete peace of mind.”

Further emphasizing Konga’s commitment to customer satisfaction and value addition, Abiola Bakare, Business Head for Konga Travels and Tours, said, “This partnership with Coronation is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-notch travel services to our esteemed customers.

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive insurance coverage as an integral part of the travel experience. With Coronation’s expertise in financial services, we are confident that our customers will enjoy an elevated and secure travel experience.”

By partnering with Coronation, Konga Travels’ demonstrates its dedication to providing Nigerians with a comprehensive travel experience. This strategic collaboration simplifies access to essential travel insurance while maintaining superior customer service and a wide selection of travel solutions. With Konga Travels’, you can confidently embark on your journey, knowing you are well-protected and supported throughout your travels.

Visit Konga Travels and Tours today to experience the convenience and security of travel insurance solutions and explore the complete range of travel services.

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