African Countries With The Highest Police Bribery Rates

Security is paramount in every society, and that is why countries around the world spend so much on defense and establish security architectures to protect the lives and properties of their citizens.

Getting security is a universal need, but it proves challenging for people globally, including in Africa, largely due to the work attitude of security officials.

For instance, in Africa, citizens are frequently compelled to part with their hard-earned money when reporting a crime or seeking help in emergencies. This payment is often required to navigate bureaucracy or ensure a prompt response from the police.

The prevalence of systemic corruption on the continent has increased the challenges citizens face when engaging with the police. And although many African countries have laws in place to combat corruption, the enforcement of these laws often faces challenges.

An Afrobarometer survey from 39 African countries finds that substantial minorities report corruption, use of excessive force, and even criminal activity by their police forces.

The survey sheds light on the challenges many Africans face when attempting to access the very protection that law enforcement agencies are meant to provide.

The survey, conducted between 2021 and 2023 revealed that only one in three Africans say their police usually operate in a professional manner and respect citizens’ rights.

Among respondents who sought police assistance during the year in review, 54% say it was easy to get the help they needed, but 36% say they had to pay a bribe.

The analysis shows that negative perceptions of police professionalism and corruption go hand in hand with low public trust in the police, poor marks on government performance in reducing crime, and citizens’ sense of insecurity.

Below are 10 African countries with the highest police bribery rates:

Rank Country Police assistance
1 Liberia 78%
2 Nigeria 75%
3 Sierra Leone 72%
4 Uganda 71%
5 Congo-Brazzaville 68%
6 Cameroon 63%
7 Burkina Faso 62%
8 Guinea 53%
9 Kenya 52%
10 Gabon 51%


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