Why China is Fast Becoming a Top Destination for African students

According to data from The Pie News, the rate of African students travelling to China to study abroad grew by 258% between 2011 and 2017. The report noted that the largest number of internationally mobile students from Africa were from lower-middle-income countries such as Nigeria.

As of 2019, 6,845 Nigerian students were studying in China, and 512 of them, according to China Admissions, were on Chinese government scholarships. The following year, 6,659 Africans were enrolled in Chinese institutions, accounting for 46% of the total international students in the province.

Despite the post-pandemic figures for African enrolments in Chinese institutions not being available, the report noted that the planned launch of China-Africa Cooperation on Talent Development later this year will spur the growth of African students in Chinese universities and colleges through the commencement of a number of initiatives designed to boost education ties.

As part of this program, degree courses taught in English and tailor-made courses for African students to learn both Chinese language and vocational skills will be introduced. China is also planning several other initiatives, like the China-Africa Universities 100 Cooperation Plan and 10 pilot exchange programs of China-Africa partner institutes, to support the continent in strengthening education and innovation.

Meanwhile, a recent report revealed that Nigerian students are no longer interested in studying in the UK. According to official statistics, the number of applicants from Nigeria has declined by a staggering 46 per cent, more than any other country in the period under review.

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