IGP Bars POS Operators From Police Stations Nationwide

A similar directive was issued in the past after repeated complaints from Nigerians that POS devices make it easier for officers to extort them in the course of their duties. However, IGP  Force spokesperson, Muyiwa Adejobi, said in a statement that some commands and formations have ignored it.

“The IGP urges all officers and personnel to comply with this directive without exception, and warns that any police officer or POS operator found contravening this order, or conniving to conduct illicit financial transactions will face appropriate disciplinary and criminal action in accordance with the extant laws and regulations, and the Command/Formation leadership will equally be held responsible,” he said.

Police officers are notorious for extorting members of the public under the guise of performing their legal duties, and some have lost their jobs as a result. In some cases, the extortion operations have been traced to POS operators used by the officers in attempts to cover their tracks.

Last year, Adejobi, in an X post, blamed POS operators for encouraging corrupt police officers “to be more corrupt and wicked.”

IGP Egbetokun believes the new directive will preserve the integrity and security of police operations, and limit corrupt practices, but it remains to be seen if his officers will ignore him like they’ve done to similar past directives.

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