Bolt Partners Edo State To Promote Safer Rides

E-hailing operator, Bolt, has collaborated with the Edo State Transport Authority to organise a summit in the state, in a move to elevate safety and sustainability in the ride-hailing subsector.

The driver-led summit brought together key stakeholders from the Edo State Transport Authority, the Federal Road Safety Corps, Vehicle Inspection Officers, Edo State Information, Communication, and Technology, drivers, and the Amalgamated Union of App-Based Transporters of Nigeria.

Addressing the gathering, the Managing Director of ESTA, Edugie Agbonahor, emphasised the importance of ensuring roadworthy vehicles and creating conducive road conditions.

She commended Bolt for its commitment to safety and highlighted the need for regulatory frameworks to govern the ride-hailing ecosystem effectively.

Agbonahor stated, “To foster a conducive environment for ride-hailing operations, ESTA has developed a ride-hailing regulation.

“Once gazetted, this regulation would serve as the regulatory framework governing the ride-hailing ecosystem to promote orderliness, eradicate the misconception that ride-hailing drivers are traditional car hirers, and curb harassment by local government task forces,” the ESTA MD explained.
The Global Partners Community Manager at Bolt, David Bulafkin, said, “Safety matters to us—not just for drivers but for riders too.

“As an enabler of safety in the ride-hailing community, Bolt has continually put measures in place to ensure a safe environment for everyone through the implementation of trip-share, audio trip recording, an emergency assist button, and driver-selfie verification.

“Leveraging its successful roll-out of driver selfie verification, which curbed and reduced driver impersonation on the platform, Bolt has commenced testing rider selfies in various cities across Nigeria as an extra layer to enhance safety and security,” he remarked.

For the Senior Public Policy Manager, West, North, and Central Africa at Bolt, Weyinmi Aghadiuno, the e-hailing firm recognises safety as a collective responsibility.

“Their (drivers) welfare is our to p concern. Through collaboration with drivers and key regulatory bodies present here today, we are committed to fostering open dialogue, providing education, improving our safety features, and working together to enhance safety in Benin.

“This summit serves as a vital platform for sharing insights, exchanging ideas, and collectively striving to ensure the safety of all stakeholders within the ride-hailing ecosystem. Bolt will rise to action and work towards implementing these initiatives,” said Aghadiuno.

Don Pedro Aganbi

Don Pedro Aganbi is a Nigerian Journalist, broadcaster, Filmmaker, brand and Public Relations Specialist and 1st prize winner, TV category, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) & Africa Information Society Initiatives (AISI) Awards. He is also a recipient of the Global IT Champion Awards, courtesy of World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA).

He is the Founder/Managing Partner, TechTV Network and convener of the hugely popular Titans of Tech Awards, Pan African Digital Initiative Summit & Expo and the TechTV Digital Agenda Forum.

Don Pedro Aganbi is the producer and host of the popular international award winning TV show, TechTV.

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