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The Top10 Performing Airlines in Africa – 2022

Ethopia Airlines ranked number 1 again for the second time in two years.

Two South Africa based airline makes the list.

Only two of the the ten airlines on the list are not national carriers.

Air travel is arguably the essential landmark innovation that made the global interaction we take for granted today, commonplace.

Prior to the invention of commercial planes, only a few people in the world could embark on a sea voyage, and only these specialists had the privilege of interacting with other regions of the world.

Today with a plane ticket, you can reach anywhere in the world you want to, and in mere hours, as opposed to weeks, months, or even years of sea travel.

With how integrated air travel has become today, the conversation shifted from the commemoration of the innovation of air travel itself, to a celebration of which airline is providing the best service.

Right off the bat, when you think of quality airlines, some names come to mind, Emirates and the likes, but it is also important to take into consideration the performances of said airlines in particular regions.

Many countries have a hybrid system of procuring airline services that are either state owned or private enterprises.

These airlines engage in healthy competition as they race to see who can innovate the fastest, and provide solutions that make air travel very convenient, safe and relaxing to its customers.

Skytrax World Airline Awards is an organization that has taken the liberty of evaluating which airlines are performing the best globally, and they just recently released their award list for the year. See list of best airlines for 2021…

It is the world’s largest, annual airline passenger satisfaction survey, as it uses a value for money metric system to determine the methodology for its surveys.

13.42 million eligible survey entries were counted in the final results. The customer survey operated from

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