Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter Top Social Media Sites with Most Data Breaches

A new research from Proxyrack has revealed the social media sites that have lost the most user data ever. The report said that Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn top the social media sites that have had the most data breaches, lost the most user data, and used search volumes to reveal which sites people are most concerned about scams on.

Number of Users Impacted by Data Breaches

1 Yahoo 3,502,910,847

2 Facebook 2,108,458,528

3 LinkedIn 1,056,457,960

4 Myspace 719,420,698

5 Sina Weibo 538,000,000

6 Twitter 369,582,583

7 Quora 100,000,000

8 Dailymotion 85,000,000

9 Tumblr 65,469,298

10 Instagram 49,000,000

Yahoo comes out on top, with its total number of users affected is over 3.5 billion. The majority of this figure is made up of the 2013 breach, which was initially thought to have exposed 1 billion users’ data.

On the social media with most data breaches, Facebook, LinkdIn and Twitter top the list.
Social Media sites with the most data breaches:

Rank Social Media Platform Data Breaches

1 Facebook 8

2 LinkedIn 4

2 Twitter 4

2 Yahoo! 4

5 Myspace 3

Facebook is the most famously, there was the Cambridge Analytica data scandal of 2018, which wasn’t strictly a data breach, but it saw Facebook sell the data of 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica (which users didn’t agree too).

WhatsApp is the social media site with the largest concern for scams – with over 397,000 google searches for ‘WhatsApp scams’.


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