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iPhone and Android in Popularity Battle in Nigeria

There has been a silent battle between iPhone and Android users over the years. The war of devices has caused a great debate among users, with many proclaiming the awesomeness of their preferred option.

There appears to be a strict divide in the technology space between iPhone and android, although there are other less popular choices like Microsoft Windows. These are the two biggest devices in Nigeria but the question is, which is more popular today?

Difference Between iPhone and Android

Before we can determine the popularity of iPhone and android devices it is paramount to understand their differences. It is also important to be well versed in all their various aspects and the different services they offer.

The major difference between iPhone and android is in the operating system which is the software that runs the device. Given the growth of technology over the years, the operating system has brought advanced functions that were previously only available on computers.

Launched in 2007, the iPhone runs on a closed source operating system called the iOS, while android operating systems are open sourced. There are benefits and drawbacks with each operating system and the user’s preference and what they intend to benefit from it.

The closed source iOS provides relatively good security as Apple releases new patches regularly. However, the closed source iOS means that the iPhone is less customizable than android devices, particularly with variables such as interface and widget organization.

Also, while both devices generally run the same apps, there are a few differences in the way they are installed. Iphones can only install from the App Store while there are certain apps that are not available on android’s Google Play Store and may require some settings adjustments before installation.

A typical example of this is with betting apps which are not directly available on the Google Play Store as explained on comparison site Betting Apps Nigeria . If you own an android device, you can download betting apps directly from the operator’s website but may have to change some settings to allow installation from unknown sources.

However, once the app is installed, it runs the same way on both devices and there is hardly any difference in speed of operations.

IPhone vs Android: Popularity

Nigeria is Africa’s second-largest mobile market behind South Africa and that means there are sizable sales for mobile devices in this region. While many manufacturers have joined and exited the Nigerian market, others have withstood the test of time and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Of course, the most popular mobile devices in Nigeria are the iPhones and android as they record the most sales. However, it is difficult to determine which is more popular with the split of users seemingly divided down the middle.

The iPhone is considered a premium item by the majority of Nigerians and as such is a bit on the expensive side. It is a testament to its appeal that it has remained popular among mobile users over the years despite its priciness.

Among the myriad of reasons for the iPhone’s sustained popularity is the feeling of exclusivity. There is a feeling among Nigerians that using an iPhone includes you in an exclusive clique. This particular factor is constantly being played up to humorous effect across social media.

Curiosity also plays a part as people are usually puzzled as to what the fuss is about and what makes it so expensive. The slick design and speed also earns them plenty of admirers among a wide range of users.

Android devices, particularly Samsung, is ranked up there among the most popular among Nigerians. For starters, Samsung is already a popular brand beyond mobile manufacturing as they have a major section for electrical devices.

Although there are numerous devices that use the android operating system, Samsung accounts for a major chunk of the interest in the device. Due to the popularity of Samsung, android devices are held in regard among Nigerians

While there are truly high-end android devices, they are generally more affordable than iPhones. This is one of the reasons for its enduring popularity overtime as it is considered easily accessible to a wide range of users.

Android devices are also believed to be more durable than the iPhones while repairs are not too costly.


It is difficult to determine which device is more popular as there appears to be a split down the middle. Most people tend to own both devices, using each device for a different function.

One thing that is undeniable is that the iPhone’s popularity remains high despite being the only device with the iOS operating system. Sales of the iPhone remain high and there are usually long queues and large pre-orders whenever a new model is rolled out.

Meanwhile android devices ride on the popularity of Samsung, although there are other devices like Tecno and Infinix making inroads in Nigeria.

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