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Phase 3 Telecom Begins Expansion of Digital Infrastructure

Phase 3, one of Africa’s leading independent aerial fibre optic network infrastructure and telecommunications service providers, says its 2023 drive will focus on targeting an expansive future for its digital infrastructure.

According to Mr Stanley Jegede, executive chairman, “Phase 3 witnessed significant growth and achievements in 2022 with the upgrade and optimization of its network for speed of deployment and self-healing capabilities starting with its points-of-presence in Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt”.

He says, “we successfully deployed alternative solutions such as high-speed satellite broadband in partnership with YahClick in unserved areas where fibre networks are expensive to deploy either due to cost or the nature of the terrains”.

That upgrades also targeted improved services and fostered meaningful connections for more people and businesses across Nigeria.

Hence, in 2023, one of the company’s major priorities is the increase in network and technology investments that will bolster a vibrant digital economy in Nigeria and the West Africa sub-region in both urban and rural areas. While reiterating current projects powered by new technologies and infrastructure rollout to enhance the speed, reliability, and overall experience of its service solutions.

Phase 3 will continue to optimize its partnerships on state-of-the-art cloud services, enterprise solutions and cyber security that amplifies digital transformation journeys and secures customer data across its networks. For ease-inclined innovations derived from technologies that help clients succeed.

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