Cassava Technologies Partners Atlas AI alliance to Accelerate AI Adoption in Africa

Artificial intelligence analytics platform, Atlas AI and the Pan-African technology company Cassava Technologies have partnered to provide data-driven insights to speed up Africa’s digital transformation and economic growth.

The partnership comes with the current global shift and the belief that generative AI will have a greater influence on their industries than other new technologies in the near future.

As a result of this partnership, Cassava will be able to provide cutting-edge AI development capabilities that are specifically tailored for its enterprise clients.

With the deal announced, Cassava Technologies says it will spread awareness of Atlas AI’s technologies throughout its African footprint and introduce enterprise AI tools designed to assist African organizations in accelerating growth, future-proofing supply chains, and enhancing resilience to rapid change on the continent.

In the statement, Cassava also mentioned it will utilize Atlas’ AI core in its internal digital transformation efforts, making it a leading AI-first company and ensuring it remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

In response to the Atlas AI agreement, Hardy Pemhiwa, president and group CEO of Cassava Technologies, states that its clients throughout Africa will gain access to quality data and analytics that will help them better serve their customers.

“The collaboration announced today with Atlas AI is a key part of this twin effort. Being an AI-first technology company is a key part of our vision.

“We see immense potential in AI to support the needs of our customers and accelerate Africa’s digital transformation to new heights. This partnership will provide the necessary insights to expand access to digital services on our Pan-African fibre broadband network.

“One of the most significant benefits from our access to the Atlas AI platform is that our customers will be able to develop AI models and predictive algorithms without investing in in-house AI data scientists and data engineers.”

According to Abe Tarapani, CEO of Atlas AI, the announcement is not just a partnership. The CEO continued that it represented the teams’ increased urgency to ensure that the latest developments in artificial intelligence are responsibly harnessed by businesses and governments to open the door for a digitally connected and prosperous Africa.



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