Alternative Bank Introduces an Interest-Free Credit Line for Customers

The Alternative Bank will offer a revolutionary Free Credit Line program, allowing customers to access up to 10% of their monthly turnover at zero interest for up to 30 days through its mobile banking app, Altbank.

Designed with the customer’s needs at heart, the interest-free credit line is a testament to The Alternative Bank’s commitment to fostering financial inclusivity and supporting businesses and individuals alike. This unprecedented offering aims to revolutionize the traditional banking experience and provide customers with the necessary tools to thrive in today’s ever-changing economic landscape.

Unlike conventional banking services, The Alternative Bank believes in supporting customers without burdening them with interest charges. The credit line comes with no interest, allowing customers to access funds without any additional financial strain.

Eligible customers will have the privilege of availing themselves of up to 10% of their monthly turnover, providing them with greater financial flexibility to meet their diverse needs and seize business opportunities.

The credit line offers an interest-free period of 30 days, enabling customers to manage their cash flow efficiently and invest in their businesses or personal endeavours without immediate financial constraints.

The Alternative Bank has simplified the application process to make it user-friendly and convenient. Eligible customers can apply for the Free Credit Line with ease on the Altbank app and can access the credit in less than 24 hours, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience.

The introduction of the Free Credit Line is a testament to The Alternative Bank’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity. By offering this unique solution, the bank aims to stimulate economic growth, drive entrepreneurship, and nurture financial empowerment in our communities.

The Director of Products & Innovation, Mohammed Yunusa at The Alternative Bank, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, stating, “At the Alternative Bank, we are dedicated to transforming the banking landscape and empowering our customers to achieve their aspirations. The interest-free credit available to all customers on the altbank app is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to their success and financial well-being. We firmly believe that by providing access to interest-free credit, we can foster growth and strengthen our customers’ financial positions.”

As a trailblazer in the banking sector, The Alternative Bank continues to drive positive change and redefine industry norms. The launch of the interest-free credit line on the Altbank app reaffirms the bank’s position as a forward-thinking institution that is focused on creating a brighter financial future for all.

For more information about the Free Credit Line program and other innovative services offered by The Alternative Bank, please visit or contact 01-7000555

The Alternative Bank has emerged as a pioneering force, delivering customized financial remedies that deeply resonate with individuals seeking a fresh and innovative approach to advancing and accumulating wealth. The ethical banking approach has solidified its position as a visionary leader within Nigeria’s non-interest banking movement.

The Alternative Bank unequivocally believes in the power of transparency in every engagement. That is why it becomes clear at a glance that the solutions provided are not merely about transactions but about empowering individuals towards their goals, aspirations, and future potential.


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