The 10 Most Crypto Savvy Countries in 2023

As the world keeps an eye on the crypto frenzy, Africa isn’t just a spectator, it is at the forefront. Business Insider Africa recently reported that Nigeria and South Africa are the most crypto savvy countries globally. These countries are not just testing the waters; they’re diving deep into the crypto ocean.

For them it is about using cryptocurrencies to navigate their economic challenges, taking control of their financial futures and being part of a global financial revolution.

For example, Chainalysis revealed that from July 2022 to June 2023, Nigeria witnessed a 9% year over growth in cryptocurrency transactions amounting to $56.7 billion driven by weakening currency and inflation.

Having emphasized Africa’s influence on the global crypto landscape, let’s shift our focus to the standout cryptocurrencies of 2023.

Recent findings from cryptocurrency experts at analysed average search volumes from the past several months to see which cryptocurrencies have been most popular worldwide this year.

As expected, Bitcoin stands tall as the kingpin with 11,420,000 searches a month for it worldwide on average in 2023. It’s not only the most popular but the oldest cryptocurrency, released in 2009.

However, it is not just the old-timer like Bitcoin that is getting all the attention; the crypto world is evolving, with new and old cryptocurrencies shaking things up.

Here are the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide in 2023.

Rank Crypto Average monthly searches worldwide
1 Bitcoin 11,420,000
2 Luna 2,420,000
3 Shiba Inu 1,730,000
4 Ethereum 1,400,000
5 Flow 1,190,000
6 Dogecoin 1,080,000
7 XRP 677,000
8 Cardano 516,000
9 PancakeSwap 477,000
10 Solana 415,000

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