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10 African Countries With The Highest 5G Adoption

Africa is standing on the cusp of a digital revolution with the adoption of 5G technology. In recent years, the continent has made remarkable progress in technology and connectivity, but the advent of 5G promises to propel the continent into a new era of possibilities.

While Africa may not have occupied the leading position in the global 5G revolution, its undeniable progress signifies the continent’s determination to harness the full potential of this transformative technology.

Many have acknowledged that the internet revolution is capable of leaving an indelible mark on various industries including healthcare, education, agriculture, and beyond. Encouragingly, some African countries are already witnessing the tangible effects of this digital revolution within their borders.

According to the GlobalComms Database Service report, which monitors 5G deployments in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), commercial 5G services are available in 18 regional countries. Of these, eight are in the Middle East, and the remaining 10 are in Africa.

South Africa is taking the lead in the African market, boasting around 5 million subscriptions by the end of the last year. In comparison, Mauritius is trailing far behind with a mere 80,000 subscriptions.

Here are 10 African countries with the most 5G adoption:

Rank Country Total Mobile Subs 5G Subs 5G Share of Total Subs
1 South Africa 112,397,558 5,000,000 4.4%
2 Mauritius 2,095,499 80,000 3.8%
3 Nigeria 209,450,208 50,000 0.0%
4 Togo 6,402,786 33,000 0.5%
5 Seychelles 200,750 16,410 8.2%
6 Réunion 961,000 13,000 1.4%
7 Zimbabwe 14,570,000 6,000 0.0%
8 Botswana 4,363,006 5,000 0.1%
9 Zambia 20,370,000 5,000 0.0%
10 Tanzania 60,192,331 600 0.0%

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