Garlands As Zoracom Marks a Decade in Nigeria’s Tech Sector

Zoracom, a technology solution company specializing in cybersecurity, celebrates its milestone tenth anniversary with pride and gratitude.

Since its inception, Zoracom has been at the forefront of empowering businesses with seamless solutions, driving operational efficiency, and ensuring end-to-end visibility.

From its humble beginnings as a startup offering IT services, Zoracom has evolved into a dominant force in Nigeria’s IT landscape.

Renowned for its expertise in business automation and cybersecurity, Zoracom has continually raised the bar in delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.

Reflecting on this remarkable journey, Kesiena Ogheneruru, chief operations/people officer at Zoracom, emphasized the company’s steadfast commitment to innovation in Nigeria’s IT industry. Ogheneruru stated, “Zoracom has been leading the charge in business process automation and cybersecurity solutions, consistently pushing boundaries and driving positive change in the ecosystem.”

At the core of Zoracom’s operations lie infrastructure management, observability, and cybersecurity. The company’s comprehensive suite of solutions empowers businesses to gain valuable insights into their operations while bolstering their security posture.

Zoracom operates a state-of-the-art Network and Security Operations Centre (NSOC) located in the Lekki-Epe axis, dedicated to providing top-tier cybersecurity solutions to entities across Nigeria and West Africa.

John Nwachukwu, chief strategy/executive officer (CSEO) of Zoracom, underscored the company’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions across observability, cybersecurity, and infrastructure domains. “In today’s era of rapid digital transformation, safeguarding organizations against internet threats is paramount. Our NSOC is equipped with cutting-edge technology to proactively monitor and defend against cyber threats,” Nwachukwu explained.

Since its inception in December 2022, the NSOC has garnered acclaim for its proactive approach to network monitoring and cybersecurity, earning Zoracom numerous accolades and awards. Looking ahead, Nwachukwu outlined Zoracom’s vision of expanding its global footprint through strategic international partnerships to deliver superior digital observability solutions.

Zoracom offers a diverse portfolio of technology solutions, including cybersecurity, cloud services, network management, and service management.

In addition to cybersecurity, the company specializes in infrastructure sharing, equipment refurbishing, co-location services, and providing end-to-end visibility into network infrastructure such as broadband access networks, mobile networks, radio networks, optical backbones, security/firewalls, and voice/soft switch solutions.

As Zoracom commemorates its tenth anniversary, it remains committed to driving innovation, excellence, and security in Nigeria’s IT sector and beyond.


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