Moniepoint, Community Pharmacists To Explore Digital Financial Inclusion For Health Industry

Issues bordering on the need to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain and distribution leveraging digital technology, reducing the prevalence of fake medicines exacerbated by the unregulated and uncoordinated open drug market, bringing digital financial inclusion to the forefront of the health industry and achieving Universal Health Coverage, UHC for all Nigerians even in the face of its expanding population and limited human resources for health care have been brought to the fore.

These subjects among many were raised during a courtesy visit by some National Executive members of the Association of Community Pharmacists of Nigeria (ACPN) to the Moniepoint Inc office in Lagos. With an average of 480,000 daily footfalls across over 6,000 community pharmacies in Nigeria, the ACPN plays a vital role in Nigeria’s healthcare system as front-line workers who promote public health and well-being, beyond dispensing medications as they serve as trusted healthcare providers within communities, offering valuable advice, counsel, and preventive care.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           L- R Regional Sales Manager, Moniepoint Inc, Emmanuel Imouokhome, National Secretary, ACPN, Pharm. Omokhafe Ashore, National Chairman, ACPN, Pharm Wale Oladigbolu and Vice President, Sales and Partnerships, Moniepoint Inc, Ifeanyi Duru, Chairman, ACPN Conference Planning Committee, Pharm. Grace Ikani and Lagos State Coordinator, Richard Eseka, during the courtesy call which held at the Moniepoint Inc office in Lagos

Leading the ACPN delegation, the National Chairman, ACPN, Pharm Wale Oladigbolu lauded the giant strides made by Moniepoint in providing reliable and seamless digital payment services to community pharmacies across the country adding that some other players in the pharmaceutical still operated primarily with cash, thus limiting their growth potential and financial inclusion. He noted that Nigeria’s health care industry was ripe for disruption using digital and technological know-how to achieve UHC, social health insurance, supply chain systems and data for policy formulation.

“This visit to Moniepoint today is underscored by our belief that a well structured collaboration between both organizations will produce transformative high yield results and benefit the nation’s healthcare system at large. Such collaborations enhance not only the operational efficiency of our pharmacies but also ensure that our patients and customers benefit from the convenience and security of digital financial services. Integrating financial technology seamlessly into everyday health services, making them more accessible and efficient for all is a noble task that all stakeholders should strive towards achieving,” he said.

Furthermore, he solicited for Moniepoint’s robust participation at the Association’s 43rd annual Scientific Conference scheduled for Ibadan, Oyo State later in the year. He noted that this year’s event will deliver a peerless experience for all attendees in terms of skills and knowledge acquisition, as well as the sporting and entertainment value added initiatives that have been lined up.

Vice President, Sales and Partnerships, Moniepoint Inc, Ifeanyi Duru who expressed his delight at the opportunity to collaborate with the ACPN and deploy the digital financial services provider’s cutting-edge technology to drive greater financial empowerment and inclusion in Nigeria’s healthcare industry.

“Creating financial happiness is our mantra and a more inclusive financial ecosystem that caters to the unique needs of the health industry in Nigeria is in perfect sync with what we stand for at Moniepoint. There is a significant opportunity here to elevate the interests of community pharmacists, and give fresh impetus to the way community pharmacies operate by layering tech and digital payments for socio-economic development. The potential impact of this collaborative effort especially in bridging significant gaps in the value chain is huge and one which we relish the opportunity to tackle,” he said.

Notable professionals present during the visit include National Secretary, ACPN, Pharm. Omokhafe Ashore, Chairman, ACPN Conference Planning Committee, Pharm. Grace Ikani, Regional Sales Manager, Moniepoint Inc, Emmanuel Imouokhome, State Coordinator, Richard Eseka, Public Relations Manager, Moniepoint Inc, Bemigho Awala and Brand Story-teller, Emmanuel Paul.

Moniepoint’s comprehensive and easy to use suite of payment, banking, credit, and business management tools continues to empower over 2 million individuals and businesses across the country to thrive and better serve their communities in a manner that drives economic growth and social impact.



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